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Stop hiring average employees and start hiring impactful problem solvers.

Kolby Goodman


"Average and
off the mark"

That seems to be the way you feel about

new employee applications.

Many managers have knowledge, talent, and expertise in their field.

But most have never received proper training and support when it comes to team building, retention, and employee engagement.


Unfortunately, without help, the consequences of a bad hire can lead to huge losses for your company...

Young busy business woman manager, lawyer or company employee holding accounting bookkeepi

$30,000 to replace and train an employee earning

Does this sound like you?

“I’m great at my job, but I have no idea how to build my team...”


“I HATE micromanaging but my team is giving me no choice!”


“No one taught me how to hire the right team members. Now I'm stuck with the wrong ones”

"I am wasting too much time and money trying to hire top performers my company needs!"

Are you ready to stop relying on feeling
and start creating a scalable hiring strategy?

Then let me introduce myself...

I'm Kolby Goodman, a seasoned hiring coach and keynote speaker, known for empowering individuals and organizations to make better hiring decisions.

With a decade of experience in talent acquisition, I provide expert guidance on recruiting strategy, onboarding, and employee retention.

If you are struggling to attract high-quality candidates, identify your next rockstar, and get job offers excitedly accepted, let me empower you with my proven strategies, easy-to-follow action plans, and personalized coaching support. 

I Partner with Leaders and Teams to:


Build dynamic and high-performing teams

Image by Van Tay Media

Better predict how interview performance translates to on-the-job performance


Develop a consistent pipeline of ideal candidates

"Kolby's systematic, holistic, technical and professional approach helped me figure the hiring process out."

- Alice Moya

"Kolby's actionable insights and advice helped demystify a lot of the complexities I imagined were part of the hiring process."

- Patrick Grey

"Kolby went the extra mile to ensure I felt supported and encouraged. And I recommend him to anyone."

- ​Dianna Renz


No hiring manager should be left with a sub-par team and incur the consequences of poor performers. They should feel as equipped to build and lead a team as they are at doing the job at hand. Being able to identify and attract ideal teammates is the superpower your leaders can leverage to have a bigger impact while minimizing headaches.

By learning how to be more strategic and purposeful in the way they hire, your leaders will:

  • Attract competent, proactive, critically thinking, and trustworthy problem solvers

  • Build a team that makes a positive difference in their work and home life

  • Efficiently onboard and train new team members to have an impact faster 

  • Save thousands of dollars on cost-per-hire and quicken time-to-fill with important roles

Teaching leaders how to build amazing teams, recognize impactful problem solvers, and 
design a scalable hiring strategy.

A Few of Kolby's Clients


Drawing on over a decade of field experience, Kolby offers a unique blend of implementable strategies, practices, and resources to help companies make better decisions when it comes to hiring.



Work with Kolby to design effective hiring practices, deliver personalized workshops, and partner with your key decision-makers to empower your organization with sustainable recruiting and hiring practices, increase your organization’s productivity, and turn great people into better employees. 

Book your call with Kolby

Schedule a call to see if Kolby’s consulting and coaching is a good fit for your team.


You’ll come away from the call with a clear understanding of how having Kolby Goodman as a partner will help you hire for long-term impact.

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