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Helping Leaders Hire

with True Strategy & Purpose


“Kolby was a dream to work with. The workshop he led could have gone on and on.”


Ashley E., Director of University Relations
Marriott/Thermo Fisher Scientific

Meet Kolby

Kolby Goodman is a seasoned hiring coach and keynote speaker, known for empowering individuals and organizations.

With a decade of experience in talent acquisition,

he provides expert guidance in hiring strategy, onboarding, and employee retention.

Transitioning into thought leadership, Kolby shares his expertise through engaging presentations, offering attendees practical strategies for success.

Teaching leaders how to build amazing teams, identify impactful problem solvers,
and design a scalable hiring strategy.


Assembling Your A-Team

Do you or the leaders you know feel frustrated with their hiring process? 


Put a stop to a recruitment process that only gets you average employees and learn to level up your team's hiring strategy.


You'll come away with the tools you need to identify, onboard, and retain Impactful Problem Solvers.

Kolby's Signature Talks

Laughing Work Colleagues

Networking Yourself To A Dream Team

In today's remote world, it's difficult to imagine networking as a tool to find the right employees for your team. 

But when done properly, networking can save thousands in recruiter fees.

Learn strategies to identify, nurture, and maintain highly skilled and passionate candidates for future openings.


New managers often find themselves clueless when navigating the hiring process and the pressure can distract them and cause errors in their judgement.


Designed specifically for newer leaders, this workshop provides a supportive and practical environment where they can learn actionable strategies to approach the hiring process with confidence, clarity, and excitement.

Hiring Your First Employee with Confidence

A Few of Kolby's Clients

Key Attendee Takeaways

Data extracted from audience feedback collected in Event Satisfaction Surveys.


100% found the session valuable overall


95% want to

hear Kolby speak



91% described

the presentation as engaging


90% found it inspiring and actionable


Drawing on over a decade of field experience, Kolby offers a unique blend of implementable strategies, practices, and resources to help companies make better decisions when it comes to hiring.



Work with Kolby to design personalized workshops and interactive experiences that empower your organization with sustainable career and hiring decisions, increase organization productivity, and turn great people into better employees. 

Christine H. Preseident Society of HR Management
"Kolby's presentation was filled with great information. We were very impressed with his ability to captivate the audience." 

Christine H.


Society of HR Management

Michael Y Industry Chair of the American Institute of Engineers
"Kolby is a great mentor and connection to have, and I would most definitely recommend him for your next professional event." 

Michael Y.

Industry Chair

American Institute of Engineers

Diana W. Program Director of Nano Engineering and Technology Society
"Kolby is a dynamic and inspiring speaker. He received great reviews from attendees and was such a pleasure to work with."

Diana W.

Program Director
Nano Engineering and Technology Society

Book your call with Kolby

Schedule a call to see if Kolby’s programming is a good fit for your audience and ensure they walk away empowered and excited to make real changes in their hiring strategy.


You’ll come away from the call with a clear understanding of how having Kolby Goodman speak will attract leaders to your events.

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